It Happened on this Date

Happy Birthday:

Toy Story was released on 22 November 1995. It was the first feature film to be made with computer animation and the first from Pixar Animation Studios. The movie grossed $361+ million at the box office and won a variety of prestigious awards such as an MTV Movie Award.

Toy Story spawned two sequels and ignited the imagination of many children. These children would grow up and identify with the toys and with Andy, the owner of the toys.

The film also propelled Pixar to great heights of filmmaking, setting new standards for storytelling and quality in animated films. 

I can go on and on about the history of the movie and how great it was and its final effects, but if you are a fan you probably already know a lot of it. So I’ll let Terry Gilliam (animator, Monty Python member, and accomplished director in his own right) say it:

a work of genius. It got people to understand what toys are about. They’re true to their own character. And that’s just brilliant. It’s got a shot that’s always stuck with me, when Buzz Lightyear discovers he’s a toy. He’s sitting on this landing at the top of the staircase and the camera pulls back and he’s this tiny little figure. He was this guy with a massive ego two seconds before… and it’s stunning. I’d put that as one of my top ten films, period.

On a more personal note, there was a kid in my 8th Grade class who looked exactly like Sid. Buzz cut, braces, everything. I’ll be he even tormented his own toys.

Anyways, buy the movie. It’s awesome.

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